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5 Ways to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

I was inspired to organize under my kitchen sink during my 31 Day Declutter Detox. Of course my first step was to check out all the inspirational ideas from Pinterest!

In this post I’m going to share some of my favorite and inspirational ways to organize under the kitchen sink that I’ve found. I used these to help me organize under my own kitchen sink!

Add a Turntable

Sarah from Mommy Suite added a turntable under her kitchen sink to make items easier to access.

She is also storing her dishwasher tabs in a clear container. This was one of my favorite ideas and one that I used when I organized under my own kitchen sink.

Sarah from Mommy Suite used a turntable to organize under her kitchen sink.

Use Make Up Drawers to Hold Essentials

Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog has one of those beautifully decorated swoon worthy cabinets.

I love how she used a clear makeup container to hold all her essential items such as cloths and sponges.

To give the containers a final touch, she use teal vinyl and her silhouette machine to cut out the labels for each drawer.

Add A Rod to Your Cabinet

Susan from Homeroad used a cabinet towel bar holder to store her spray bottles.

Another variation of this is to use a tension rod on the inside of the cabinet like Jen from A Thousand Words. This makes use of the unused vertical space and allows more room for items in the cabinet.

Use Command Hooks

I was inspired by Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons to use command hooks in my own kitchen cabinet to hang my gloves and scrub brushes.

Toni put her command hooks on the inside of her cabinet while I placed mine on the back of my cabinet door.

Go Vertical

I’ve saved my absolute favorite under the sink inspiration for last. Nikki from At Home with Nikki has one of the most swoon worthy cabinets I’ve ever seen. (The rest of her house is beautiful too!)

Nikki emphasizes going vertical to get the most use of the the space that is available. She uses clear stackable containers as well as wire baskets stacked on top of a drawer.

This picture is only a tiny portion of what her cabinet looks like. To get the full picture, you need to check out her youtube video. (I recommend starting at the 2 minute mark)

In this video she goes through her entire thought process and how she created a fully functional and beautiful area under her kitchen sink.

Take Action

I hope you found some inspiration today and are motivated to organize under your kitchen sink!

I definitely used the command hook and clear container ideas. In the future, maybe when we move into our new house, I want to add the mesh pull out drawer from At Home with Nikki and more stackable clear containers.

What ideas will you be using?

I was inspired to organize under my kitchen sink as I was going through my 31 Day Declutter Detox. Check out this post to learn more about it.

If you are overwhelmed with clutter in your life, need a change, and are ready to start right now! Then sign up here for my FREE 31 Day Declutter Detox!

Happy Organizing!

Here are 5 Inspirational ways to declutter and organize under the kitchen sink!

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