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How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

I’ll be honest, I’m terrible at keeping the area under my sink organized. Because there is no set place to put everything, I tend to toss in whatever I have into any old space.

This means when I need something I often have to dig around to find what I’m looking for which sometimes can leave the underside of the sink more of a mess than when I started!

My worst offense is probably plastic bags. I had a place to put them but once it filled up I ended up tossing the bags anywhere under the sink until I ended up with a huge pile!

It is time to make a change and see how I could organize under the sink and make it a useable space.

Before Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Here is how the underside of my kitchen sink used to look:

Have a disorganized mess under your kitchen sink? Here is how to go from messy to organized!

As you can see I clearly see, I have a plastic bag problem.

You can also see that I have tried to organize under the sink. Buried under all those bags you can probably see two baskets that I’ve used to organize a few loose things.

One of those baskets is supposed to contain the plastic bag situation, but as you can see, with no upper limit on the container, I am tossing all the other bags on top and they are spilling over into the rest of the cabinet.

To tackle the plastic bag situation, I’ve decided that I need a container with an upper limit, meaning a lid. If there is a lid, then I will know it is time to take the bags to recycle when I can no longer shove any bags in there!

Small disclaimer about plastic bags: I try to not get any plastic bags and bring my own reusable bags with me to stores. But I’m not perfect nor the only person who lives in this household so I end up with a stash of bags.

How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

The first thing I did was pull everything out so that I could see what I had, what my problem areas are, and figure out what to do about it.

It is time to organize under the kitchen sink! These are the steps I took to get area under the kitchen sink organized.

I examined all the items I had and put together a plan of attack.

I knew that I wanted something with a lid to contain my plastic bags. When I was using a basket, the bags would spill over the edges and end up all over the cabinet. Having a lid means I have to stop shoving things inside it once it is full.

I grabbed a wide mouth mason jar from the cabinet and rolled up some plastic bags.

Use a mason jar to store your plastic bags!

I kept the jar half empty so that I had space to add any new plastic bags that came into the house.

The rest of the plastic bags went by the door so that when I go to the grocery store later on today I’ll remember to take them with me to recycle.

Next, I cut my Brillo pads into 1/4ths and put them in an old salsa jar. I learned this money saving trick from At Home with Nikki. She has a beautiful swoon worthy home and a beautifully organize area under her kitchen sink.

Cut your Brillo pads in half for fourths to save money!

I like to think that I can decorate and I like the idea of decorating. But I also have a budget and can only do so much at a time. To make under the sink look a little prettier, I put all my dishwasher tabs into a large clear container.

Use a clear container to hold your dish washer tabs!

This jar was my one big splurge for under my cabinet. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $11. Of course used one of their 20% off coupons which brought the total price down to just under $10 with taxes.

The only other item I bought for this project were command strips. I got the hook kind so that I could hang up as much as I could on the back of the cabinet doors.

On one side I hung a container to hold my sink stopper and an extra sponge.

Use the space on the inside of your sink door to hold useful things!

On the other side, I hung up my long bottle cleaners and my cleaning gloves. I also took this opportunity to declutter old bottle cleaners that I no longer use.

Use the inside of the cabinet under the kitchen sink to hold your brushes and gloves!

For the rest of the items, I grouped them together by frequency of use and placed them in to basket containers that I already owned.

After Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Organize under the kitchen sink with these steps!

After grouping items together based on their frequency of use, I put everything back under the sink.

In the future I think I may add some shelving, but this works for now.

On the right side of the cabinet I put items I use less frequently in the back. In this case, it is my big bottle of vinegar and extra sponges.

In the middle row I put items that I use a little more frequently. Here I have magic erasers, brillo pads, and extra dishwashing tabs.

In the first row I put items that I use the most, such as my cleaners and trash bags.

On the left side of the sink I put my dishwashing tabs, jar of plastic bags, and my swiffer pads.

Organize under the kitchen sink!

Overall I’m happy with the way that it turned out. It was a quick project that used a lot of things that I already owned. The only things that I purchased were command hooks and a large jar to hold my dishwasher tabs.

I could have done without the jar to hold my dishwasher tabs but I wanted to try to make under my sink look a little prettier.

I was inspired to organize the area under my kitchen sink during my 31 Day Declutter Detox. During this detox I spend 15 minutes a day decluttering areas of my house.

Some days I’m inspired to do more and other days I stick to only decluttering for 15 minutes.

To get FREE access to my 31 Day Declutter Detox sign up here!

To see all the inspiration I used to organize under my kitchen sink. Check out my post here. This post also includes the swoon worthy cabinet by At Home with Nikki!

Want to organize under your kitchen sink? Here are all the steps I took to organize under the sink and set up a system that works for me!

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