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How to clean out your messy room

I have a confession to make. I have a junk room. In reality this room is supposed to be an office, but when we moved into this apartment we put all our boxes into this room and I still haven’t unpacked them. What’s even worse is that I tend to toss things into that room when I don’t know what else to do with them so the room has grown messier over the last 4 months!

I had no intention of even touching this room until I got the rest of my house “under control”.

But then I needed to find a charger for the hair trimmer. The trimmer is wireless and has surprisingly lasted 4 months on one charge. But alas the trimmer is almost dead and now it is time to find that blasted charger!

Here are the steps I took to tackle this room. I hope it can help some of you.

Have a Clear objective in mind

My objective was to find the missing charger.

My objective was not to completely organize the room, or unpack all the boxes, or make a bigger mess.

In order to not make a bigger mess I decided to put away any items that were “easy” (explained below). This allowed me to unpack boxes while looking for my charger and not create a bigger mess.

Start with the easy stuff

I started with the easy stuff first.

Here is how I define “easy stuff”: If I knew instantly where an item would “live” in my house when I saw it then it is considered “easy stuff”.

I opened each box and took a look at its contents. In most cases I knew the homes of several items immediately and grabbed an armfull then walked around my house putting items away. If I didn’t know instantly where that item would live I placed in into a separate box to explore later.

I don’t have time to slow down at this point which is why I put items that required too much thought into a separate box to deal with later. My main objective is to find this charger.

Go as fast as you can

Whether you get distracted easily (like me) or have a high probability of getting interrupted (I’m thinking moms), it is a good idea to get as much done in a short amount of time as possible.

I like the idea of setting a timer and working for that set amount of time. It keeps me focused and I know I can stop when it’s over. I use my timer all the time and I highly recommend it!

For this particular case I didn’t use the timer because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take me to find the charger. But I had my phone with me to take before and after photos. (Which I also highly recommend to keep you motivated and to see your progress).

Working quickly I was could it took me about 25 minutes to find the charger and unpack some boxes in the process! I made pretty good progress. Check out my before and after pics!

If I can do this, you can too!


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